Top Tips For Preventing Hair Loss

Do You Have Thinning Hair?

 If you do, you’re not alone. Thinning hair is the number one hair concern for both men and women alike.

Why does our hair become thin?

There are 6 primary reasons for thinning hair.

  1. Genetics
  2. Stress
  3. Health
  4. The Environment
  5. Medication
  6. Diet

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1. Genetics

Natural age related hormonal changes can trigger hair loss for both sexes. This is caused by the conversion of testosterone into a toxin called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and can be inherited from either parent.

2. Stress

 Stress can produce increased levels of testosterone which again converts to DHT and interrupts the hair growth cycle. Stress also constricts blood supply to the hair follicle. This can reduce the flow of oxygen, minerals and vitamins.

3. Health

Several underlying health issues can cause thinning hair including pregnancy, menopause and an over or under active thyroid.

 4. Environmental

Pollution from air and water may leave chlorine, metals and minerals on the hair and scalp. These can be harmful to hair growth.

5. Medication

The hair follicle is incredibly sensitive to changes in the body. Hormone therapy, steroids, specific chemotherapy, medication for blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and acne can all contribute to hair thinning.

6. Diet

You are what you eat. High consumption of animal fats, rapid weight loss and liquid protein diets can result in a lack of amino acids, biotin, protein, iron and zinc, all of which are essential for healthy looking hair.

Our Top Ten Tips to help prevent hair loss

  1. Wash your hair daily to minimise the impact from pollution. Clean hair also has more body.

  2. Towel dry your hair gently to minimise tangles and breakages.
  3. If you use a hair dryer, have the setting on a medium heat and use a heat protector.
  4. Use a hair plumper such as Nioxin Bodifying Foam. Allow your hair to cool down around the brush as this gives more body.
  5. Detangle your hair from the ends first to avoid putting stress on the hair.

  6. Wear your pony tail loose to avoid pulling the hair around the hairline.

  7. Massage the scalp daily with Nioxin Scalp Treatment or if you prefer, just your fingers. This will increase blood flow to the follicles.

  8. Lift the hair from the root during blow drying. This will create more volume.

  9. If your hair is long, loosely plaiting it for sleeping will reduce breakage.
  10. Condition your hair on a regular basis. Conditioners help to reduce friction and make hair more resistant to damage.

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