Is Thinning Hair A Worry?

At Sutherland and Barnett, we offer a personalised approach to thinning hair.

Thinning hair is a broad issue effecting up to 50% of men and women. Many pregnant woman suffer with thinning hair after they have given birth. Due to this we recommend you start using Nioxin products before you give birth, so that from the beginning of your pregnancy, you can help prevent the issue occurring.

Nioxin have a three step programme. The innovative three part system will help cleanse, optimize and treat the hair and scalp environment for thicker, fuller looking hair.

Many factors contribute to thinning hair such as; genetic factors, stress and trauma, health issues, environmental related, medication and the nutrition and diet of the person.

Genetic factors – you can inherit it from either one of your parents. A common family predisposition involves natural, age related, hormonal changes can all trigger hair loss.

Stress and trauma – Stress can produce increased levels of testosterone, which converts to DHT and interrupts the hair growth cycle.

Health reasons – Several underlying issues can cause hair thinning when it comes to someone’s health. Such as a malfunction of the hormone, producing thyroid or the natural hormonal changes women experience after pregnancy and during the menopause.

Environmental factors – Air and water pollutants, chlorine, metals and minerals may be left on the scalp and hair thus contributing to thinning.

Medication – Any hormone medication (including birth control) can contribute to thinning hair. So can steroids, specific chemo therapies, diabetes and heart disease. Medication for skin issues such as acne can also be a contributing factor.

Diet – Rapid weight loss or weight gain can play a big factor in hair loss or thinning. lack of certain nutrients which are essential for healthy looking hair (amino acids, biotin, iron) can result into hair loss or thinning.

If you have any concerns about your hair becoming thin or loss of hair, book in for a free consultation with us at Sutherland and Barnett. We understand this can be a sensitive subject and our team will listen to your needs before providing you with a personalised haircare routine.