Do you suffer with any of these hair issues?

Do you suffer with any of these hair issues?

Hair that absolutely refuses to grow
Hair that has little or no volume and density
You want colour but are frightened about damage and commitment.
You have been growing that old fringe out forever.

Ever thought about Hair Extensions?

Why choose Rapture Hair Extensions at Sutherland & Barnett?

Training. Simply put we train our people to the highest possible standard and Natalie our extension specialist is an expert in her field.

Using Rapture, we are able to offer you damage-free, super-natural, highest quality hair in an express 1 hour 30 minute application.
Rapture Hair extensions are for the woman who wants it all: naturally, healthily and in as little time as possible.
Why do Rapture Hair Extensions not damage my own hair?

Rapture extensions use a patented medical adhesive strip system to attach to your hair. The lightweight strips don’t put any pressure or tension on your natural hair and scalp.
Damaged mid-lengths and ends can be protected by Rapture Extensions and both the hair and scalp are rested and rejuvenated.
Within a short time, clients notice benefits to their own natural hair. Rapture Extensions are ideal for those clients who struggle with hair that is thin or that has been made thinner over time.
Are Rapture Hair Extensions Easy To Maintain?

Rapture 100% Human Hair Extensions can be treated just like your own hair.

This high quality hair can be cut and styled to suit the individual needs of each client from sleek and straight to sumptuous curls, any look can be achieved.

Rapture hair extensions work weight for weight with your own hair and with the natural fall of your hair putting not tension on your own hair, in fact you really can’t feel them – they are easy to manage, wash and style when away from the salon.

How Long Do Rapture Hair Extensions Last?

The hair quality is 100% human hair, cuticle intact and root point correct, which makes them very durable, with re-use of the same hair for up to 6 months being commonplace. Rapture Hair Extensions are very quick to apply and easy to remove, causing no damage to your own hair at all. Every 6-8 weeks clients can come back to the salon to have the hair extensions maintained so that they are always sitting in the optimum position in your own hair.
How Will I Know How To Care For Rapture Hair Extensions?

At your pre and post Rapture consultation, your Rapture Hair Specialist will discuss in depth how to care for your new hair extensions.
Natalie will also offer advice on the best home hair care products to use to ensure that you keep your extensions looking healthy and in good condition.
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