Senior Stylist / Bleach Specialist

Hi, my names Jess and I’m the bleach and tone specialist.
My history with bleach is something quite personal to me, I’ve been having my hair bleached and toned since the age of 17 and feel I have learnt the right and wrong ways of lifting and maintaining bleached hair.
For a lot of clients, the word ‘bleach’ can be quite scary but I truly believe it is nothing to get stressed about, as long as you have it bleached correctly and look after your hair out side of the salon there will be nothing to stress over.
I change the tone of my bleached hair nearly every time I get my roots re-touched, this is usually because I’m bored or because a new shade is on trend. I have my old toner cleansed out and a new tone put on. There is no harm in doing this, as long as it is done correctly.
I’ll be honest having bleached hair IS a big commitment, but If you’re up for it then book in with me for a free in depth consultation, look forward to seeing you soon!

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