Festival Hair

Watch Andrew create a modern hair up incorporating a loose plait, ideal for festivals.

Don’t pack your rucksack until you have your hairstyles figured out! With sleepless nights, tent hair and no shampoo it’s assumed your hair won’t be at its best. Fear no more! Dry shampoo will be your best friend for the duration of your chosen festival.
WELLA System Professional INSTANT RESET is the perfect dry shampoo as its packed full of moisture so it won’t dry your hair out.

You will need 4 lifesaving items to take with you – dry shampoo, grips, bobbles and hairspray. The ultimate festival goer will add some glitter and gel to the essentials.

SPACE BUNS – messier the better

You could have them put in the day of the festival and keep tweaking them for the easy going hair do. If you want to turn it up a notch you could put some gel down your parting and sprinkle some glitter on and shine.


Same as above for messy is best. Lived in hair is the new poker straight. If you’re a proper partier and you want your hair off your face but want some down still you can take half of it up and either plait it or make it into a bun/pony. The remaining hair that’s down could be straight or wavy so it’s a style for anyone.


Now let’s talk braids and plaits! This is the best hairstyle to hide the few days of partying so if your hair is oily it’ll be hidden well. If you aren’t great at plaiting or braiding then you could come into the salon and have it done on the day you go and just keep tweaking it as the days go on. You can incorporate the space buns and half up half down into this hairstyle too.


If you are blonde you can add some temporary fun into your colour for the duration of the festival. You could play around with multiple tones that add texture!


there are lots of things you can add into your hair too. Flowers (very Coachella), metal rings, feather headbands and head chains are a few of the things you could add.

We offer a dry styling/hair up service in the salon, so if you want a pamper or if you need someone to show you the ropes in advance, then come in and have a chat or book an appointment.