Master Colour Experts

Being a Master Colour Expert is quite an achievement. Months of advanced training culminating in both  theory and nerve racking practical exams. An MCE is one of the highest colour qualifications in our industry. With an MCE you are in the safest, most creative hands, with a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips and using only the best, most advanced products, your happiness is literally guaranteed.

At Sutherland & Barnett we have 9 MCE’s Craig, Andrew, Hayley, Hannah, Natalie, Kirsty, Laura, Jessica and Charlie, more than any other salon in the region.

To book a consultation please call 0115 950 7341

New for 2018
Colour Contouring

These looks use a combination of Freehand and Highlighting techniques with different placements of depth and tones around the face and within the interior to create the deception of light and shade. Dark colours are great to shorten and narrow the face shape, light colours help to add length and width. This changes the appearance of any face shape by defining and re contouring the facial features and in conjunction with the correct colour choice enhances natural skin tone and eye colour to their most attractive. Each colour and the placement of it is designed especially for you.

Free Hand Colour

We see freehand colour being huge in 2018 as an alternative to your more traditional high / low lights. multi depth and multi tonal colour with real movement.


  • Bespoke unique colour designed for you.
  • Subtle shimmers or bright accent panels the choice is yours.
  • Allows your colour expert to be more creative giving you a tailored result.

Cellophanes Shine and Shimmer

Why not gloss up your life with one or more of our non permanent colours. Which will add that day to day sparkle to your hair.

WOW All These Benefits From Only £24

  • Glossy shiny well conditioned hair
  • Adaptable and changeable
  • Healthy hair with the wow factor
  • No peroxide no ammonia
  • No regrowth
  • All colours intermixable
  • No skin test required
  • Non committal colour
  • Only takes 30 mins

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