Colour – New For Spring/Summer 2018

Ultra Crush

Contouring with trendy red hair colours

The darkest red forms a circular band following the hairline illuminating the skin. Patterns of lighter Siena reds hues create a circular, reflective shine line where the head levels. This corresponds with the elongated shape of the hair cut, softens square facial features and creates an optical oval.

Ultra Grunge

Contouring with cool blonde hair colours

The undercut in a deep pewter colour creates the effect of depth and narrows down the lower part of the head. The contrasting platinum hair colour puts emphasis on the choppy, disconnected top of the bob hair cut and brings out the dimension of raw yet malleable hairstyle.

Ultra Bowl

Contouring with a sunkissed bob

A dark shadowed line is contouring the modernised rounded shape of the pageboy bob. Beyond bringing out the blue eyes and narrowing the intriguing oval face-shape, we put focus on the disconnected, rounded fringe. Creating the optical illusion of a pushed out hair shape to express Scandi-power.

Ultra Depth

Contouring for Asian hair

A freehand hair cut with long textured layers combined with a soft fringe touching the eyebrows, contours the face to bring enticing “premium innocence” alive. A cool panel of petrol colours over a slimming volcanic black are placed throughout the top of the head to create soft movement and structure.

Ultra Sleek

Contouring for long straight hair

Working on a lightened base featuring darker beige panels placed in creative patterns on the bias around the hat line. This will enhance the sleek movement giving the length diversity and enhancing the filtered layers of the cut. Straight styling add to the premiumness.

Master Colour Experts

Being a Master Colour Expert is quite an achievement. Months of advanced training culminating in both  theory and nerve racking practical exams. An MCE is one of the highest colour qualifications in our industry. With an MCE you are in the safest, most creative hands, with a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips and using only the best, most advanced products, your happiness is literally guaranteed.

At Sutherland & Barnett we have 8 MCE’s Craig, Andrew, Hayley, Hannah, Natalie, Kirsty, Jessica and Charlie, more than any other salon in the region.

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